Reflections on quarter life

Legion of Honor. Taken November 7th, 2020.

On Saturday afternoon, I organized a little socially distanced birthday gathering with a few friends in San Francisco. To my surprise, Golden Gate Park was completely packed with revelers—and more jubilant than I’ve ever seen. …

Fiction Friday

Photo by Unsplash

Charlie grinned, Rabelaisian in his antics. He held up the holographic Pokémon card high in the air.

“You see this?…This is a you-can-do-anything card. You can use it to do anything you want, but only once, and you have to burn it afterwards.”

I held my breath. Lifted from his…

Photo by Unsplash

Christopher Rene felt his eyelids growing heavy as he wiped invisible dust from tiny vials of English rose oil.

It was ten minutes to closing time, but the world outside seemed to be moving in slow motion. The perfume shop was warm and fragrant that evening, a cocktail of scents…

Yehong Zhu

Eternal Optimist |

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